Towering City Ports and Ships in a Blackened Bottle (caving)

Some things in the world need to be seen to be believed, rare, hidden parts unseen. Where few venture, and some don’t want to leave, where it’s like first light, but far, far beneath.


Towering City Ports and Ships in a Blackened Bottle

In only a single way
Backwards through a darkness
Convergent in non-lineal descent
Narrows grind, shred existence
Passing inside a spiraling throat

To emerge within akin to a blackened
Bottle, where rigging, masts to ships in the depths
Bend light between bent caverness looms in
Shadows, their flight above a cold unknown
Sea, confined in space and time, forward

Down through refracted dark shards, deeper
Until a faint light turns beneath a shallowing
Above, an upward climb ensues after departure
Many minutes from a blackened bottle ships’ anchorage
Breaking surface tensions, emergence into a towering

Vertical city port, escape within an evapouration as light
Curls through tubes to a citadel, rare, unpopulated
Silence sings at fringes to a milky gloom, beneath,
Unknown rock formations, in a stretch beyond sight,
Above, weight in water, ships, and city ports we never sea.

7 responses to “Towering City Ports and Ships in a Blackened Bottle (caving)

    • What if I said, typo. I had too many sees/seas/others going on in thought at the end, but I’ll leave it as it stands. Thanks, Sky, I did not realise I’d typed the water kind rather than the sight version.

    • Subterranean. Two chambers within a cave system, separated by a third submerged. The first you climb down into passing through a narrow opening like that of a bottle. the second. One needs to pass into it via a short bulbous submerged chamber before rising into the second. Yes, dark and dreamy all at once, while far above the sea ebbs and flows. But there is more than one way to interrupt such worlds. Thanks, Alarna. Much appreciate the visit, cheers.

  1. I wonder how do you do to create a whole descriptive background in just for stanzas… This poem evokes a complete story and the effect is marvellous…
    Best wishes and congratulations Sean,
    Aquileana 😉

    • Writing in and just after the moments lived or dreamed, it’s possible to find a way to wrap in words the experience, one just needs to close their eyes and write, it’s all there 🙂

      Thanks for the best wishes, Aquileana.
      Sean 🙂

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