Library, a walk in conversation

A walk down hill

Library, a walk in conversation

Descending the hill between clouds

And river, a wide walk in thought

Can lines, words make any difference

In passing another on a boulevard

Exchanges in conversations, while

A bundle of books they carry

Glistens in the sun, many varied

Titles, living, and past authors

Did what they write ever make

A difference, such a stack just

One weeks worth of reading

But the value in the walk

Will always out weigh a cost

Time to devour more words

But does the writing of them

Ever make a difference to

Worlds we live in, or those we

Escape to, between conversation

Channels in each bundle, each book.

2 responses to “Library, a walk in conversation

  1. I think it makes a tremendous difference. Words are what distinguished us from other species. It makes a difference because the past gives us maps to the future. 🙂

    • Thanks, Carol. Only when the maps survive, many turn to waste as time tilts and realigns, much is lost. Language, communication another aspect, can hold more complex ratios, where they break, create, and recreate words in partnership with visual semaphore/sign, in combination with the audible/sound to derive, and generate derivatives inside, and external to culture 🙂

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