Round hill don’t turn us

Round hill mountains

Round hill don’t turn us

Round hill don’t turn us back around
Send us not back far the other way
We don’t want this story to be over
Our trek across 9000+ miles, more months

To start out we left in winter’s darkness
A sun it crawled low each day across
Horizons, while nights took their time
Beneath a populated bright way cut sky

Days passing by, devil in a blue dress
Nights look back, lady in a green gown
Spread amongst 3000 miles in detours
Directions banked, on just a floating leaf

Each day, each night, someone no
Longer a stranger, shared with us
A story, while we parted with our own
People being people, meals together

Out travelling down on a long high road
Mountain chains winding sideways in
Winds as they curl slow from North to South
Altitude a friend, sleeping with four seasons.

Now here we arrive to a southern Summer
Two riders, two trekkers, at mountains’ end
Where cold ocean waters, and time we stop
we pause this story, leave it waiting on the line.




2 responses to “Round hill don’t turn us

    • Cheers, Sky. Yes, I’m in a bit of a travel phase at the moment, working through some story lines to explore a novel idea in changing some old material about to develop something a little more expressive.

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