Red earth living (redraft)


Red earth living

I just want to wander these days, deep beneath a blue sky caught by the rays. Sometime after the storm, I might wake. Listening to the dirt, the dust kicking up from my feet, just roaming out here half lost between the tall with their leaves. Waiting for the first clouds to shatter, to break these short cold days free. To just be here out to walk the many miles to the sea. To hear the ocean sounds, while they bounce back overhead from the trees. Out here resting on the sands to live, to drift astray between the tidal rips beneath. Oh the red earth, such be these places to breathe, within the winds streaming their wild company. Never to be lost between this ancient red earth, to the blue of the sea…

Such places, remind me in walking the thirty miles from here to the sea, the reef. To think all the while wandering beneath the tall blue trees, their dry silver leaves. About short distant places out beyond the Berserkers, carved through journey’s meandering ways across the coastal ranges, their plains, dunes, a place where the earth meets the sea.

Sometimes I just want to remember, the way it was in the back of my mind. Light slows to vanishing to end a dust-filled day, in now just a red heart sun, it eases to bending through the curves. Like a dream so far out there, where hours fade as the minutes play. Waiting for the night to ponder, to loose, in the thick post-tropical haze a journey, where crisp sounds they wake through the grasses. Scattered out across the red rising dunes, to the inland where an Antarctic wind blows. Cast aloft like ribbons in flight, fine red earth all tied through your hairs. Short in the tangle born moments, places the back country shares. Soon lent within the ways wake in day’s fade, as the desert night breeze dances, caresses your face, far beyond the tall blues with their leaves. A whole other place, just a little out there and beyond, the fade of the never never, the fade of the sun.

I think sometimes all becomes a little lost between lines, this winter has been a little like that. But sometimes different things, images, remind me to a place call home, and it’s a big place, diverse, a place to be able to live anywhere upon its coloured earth, or waters…

6 responses to “Red earth living (redraft)

  1. From time to time it’s so good to see you executing your word power in prose style. Magic happens and this one proves just that. How versatile you are, Sean.

    I love this contemplative piece very much. It tells what the beauty and wonders of nature can do to the interiors of our minds. Thank you for sharing.

    • Yes, I sort of end up spread a little thin, don’t go about to master one or the other. The magic, it already exists in the places I work, live, they’re all a little different. Both worlds, inside and out, come good when they gather together. Thank you for the compliments, Marj.

    • Salute, Julie – wandering place, evoke rich language, even when struggling to explore the right words to express the thoughts upon the immediate while in motion.

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