Fade the gloom to fierce days

End of day

Can you hear, can you touch it to your chest
Lonely broken dust, soot, it  haunts the wind
While the bushfire embers, light the gloom
Standing out the back, boxtops rage in flames
Perhaps this is the wrong place to be today
Might it be a time to beg, for a little island grey
Just an island storm, that’s all now is needed
Keep the lightening, we don’t want your applause
Something like a little flash flooding rain, to pour
Go ahead now, quench the fierce hot wind
Step it up, show us the black of last night
Then bring us back home the bush night stars
The only embers in the night we want to see now.

13 responses to “Fade the gloom to fierce days

    • Yes, the ones external to this places atmosphere, not the others on the horizon colouring the fade, and in no way the same caught upon a wind, they would be the end on many an fierce day.

      Peace, Brother

    • One never knows when, or how far they might jump in flight as just a hand full of embers make their leap. The glow from over the horizon, one hopes not to experience the rising of a wall heat, and sound coming out of tall timber. Cheers, Suzanne..

      • Absolutely. I lived in Gippsland during the Black Saturday fires. Truly terrifying.

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