Deep surface


Out in the Bay of Islands, how much longer? It is so quiet, but for the roll of the bay’s waters, perhaps the senses, now out of tune, disorientated, tell little to what the real story is to become now.

Here is where one gets to while trying to run on water, to run from the storm, a place just out of reach to the islands, but they need to try. For what’s behind these three friends, has been torn from its roots, broken apart by a trampled wind.

As they help one another back into the fast, all while the storms continue to gather their lucid pace.

3 responses to “Deep surface

    • Little to no relation to the Bay of Islands, other than to give mixed messages about where they currently exist, a place calmer than what is in front, and more tranquil to that which they’ve escaped, for everything is about to escalate. It was written as a speculative start to something longer, but has not found it’s legs, so the photo also depicts the tale at rest, peace with itself, at the moment anyway.

      The photo is of a big bend in Toonooba, the Fitzroy River. The Section in the image is tidal.

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