Rusted Drought…Not too Early…Cracked (three poems)

Post poems three

Rusted Drought

Rusted tanks all full of holes

Rain it falls, but doesn’t hold

Climb each rib to get inside

Lug the concrete, sweat the time..

Not too Early

Ten miles from here

Two worlds escape

Heated air in moments

Lift high above limits

Coloured rafts

In the small hours

To a sky’s deep blue..

Wooden Nut Cracker


Cracked, uncracked, shell to this land

old the ancients stand, afoot before their theft

to places foreign, grafted by strangers

for profits in which to line ones pockets

No longer free to straddle wild

Now far across the sea..

Last night while sitting on the front steps beneath a dull light, I decided to up-cycle a postal pack from the US with a few words, the three poems above in fact. Of course, everyone already noticeed the scratchy writing on the first image, but below is what I got to listen to from the postal pack, True North, by Chenoah Lee.

True North by Chenoah Lee

True North – Chenoah Lee

8 responses to “Rusted Drought…Not too Early…Cracked (three poems)

  1. I like the look of the poems on the post pack. Your words really capture the feeling of drought and the Australian landscape – the postpack adds to the sense of being isolated and far removed from cities.

    • It’s been raining here the last three days, but that’s okay, there’s still a drought out there in the more silent corners to the country. Did not think of the postpack that way, it was just free at the time on a vacant table to pick up, and walk outside with to write, but I see how it works to represent isolation. Thanks Suzanne.

      • Oh you destroyed the image of I had of you scrawling the poems on a postpack you had received far off in outback – like a latter Banjo Patterson. 🙂

      • Just inferring the rain is patchy, as can be drought. Though sometimes I wonder what my old man may of written as a kid back in the 1940s on a station straddling the WA, NT border.

    • It’s rough, and the light was not the best, ended up with a few holes in the printing, the pen failed on occasions being not the most conducive surface to attain ink upon. Thanks, Michele!

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