The last five days

Here we go second week in a row, a rough raw, first thoughts down on paper to another, Kellie Elmore prompt. The below might at first seem like an internal conversation, but these are two people, characters, for this their names do not matter, and nor do many other details, but for their crammed in conversation, with little other than periods to signify the exchanges between the pair in such a brief relay in the last of five days.

The coast

Free Write Friday prompt: I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now…

Out there, do you see them. No, what am I suppose to see. Look close, do you see them now. No, nothing but the wind on my face, and sounds in my ears, these songs, and beauty to my world. You sure you can not see anything, what if I dragged the moon from the sky, do you think you might see them then. Perhaps, but what am I suppose to see. Five, you are suppose to see five. But I can not even see one, please don’t tease me anymore with the ridiculous rants of five again. But you are the one that wanted to come here to visit them. I know, but if I can not see them, then what’s the point, you’ve brought me here every day for the last five days, and still not any, not even a slim slip to a sign, and still you say there is five, and I should see them.

Turning to look at one another for the first time in five days, the first, new to the location, and whom did not understand, notices the second is blind, and that for an entire life, the second has walked down to the beach to feel the wind upon the face, and to listen to the songs by the sea. Now the first understands, the second did not need to see the five rocks to appreciate the beauty in such a place as Nine Mile Beach, when their conversation stuttered on this point five days ago. The first did not notice, the second sees the world. its songs, its beauty in different ways.

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6 responses to “The last five days

    • Thanks Traces, it does come with a slight edge to its exploration in the way beauty is perceived, and experienced. The above may make a good little short play, with some experimenting. Even though at the moment it may seem closer to idea/concept writing in the map to the conversation, rather than a fleshed out narrative. Cheers again.

  1. Excellent written. And in a deeper way you tell us that everybody has its very own way to sense the beauty surrounding us. That´s at least what I felt during the reading…

    • We do, perhaps that is why I’ll often just close my eyes, and wait to breathe the the sounds, and listen to the touch, beauty’s story to the senses. Yes, and each is different, that is the intent, even though explored but briefly. Thanks, Miss Hava, the world colours its wash in many different ways.

    • I became unsure of how it might end also while writing, but just persisted with the conversation, and it found its own way. Thank you much for reading, and writing back in return.

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