Haze filled nights

Haze filled nights

Haze filled nights

As a story fades just before the new light of day,
A darker one begins as a storm comes your way,
Buckled floors, and broken doors,
The brushfires of a haze filled night,

Lulled in conversations as when to fight,
Passing down by the old city line,
To hear that whisper, that she’s gone away,
Ponder you can, not a provocative thought,

The unreality and reality, the dream ripe green or flake,
Does it make a difference what people say or think,
Write some words, or color it, but ink will be a change,
From what makes the world go blind, the world go blind,

People write and draw in, to different things, yes things,
We all have our chances to live and make believe,
To escape the urban train or the rural lost, its vast,
People, time, and places, an observation upon a thought.

To travel the music, the words, and songs.

By (character Kate Marla/Kate O’Malley) Sean Bidd.

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