Between paper boats, and fair weather friends

A while back, I wrote a poem about a paper boat, as a bit of rhyme and fun to travel the seas, and rivers in, to travel as such. The poem “A paper boat” has visited around 240 times, while the next nearest post, another poem, “Fair weather friends” has been role called 158 times. All the other post are well below these two for hits, so I thought, why? The blog doesn’t have a huge following, and I know I don’t engage enough, and it is still only a small number of views compared to what some (many) blogs get for their posts, but these two poems just keep ticking over, so I went and googled to find out.

Well, “fair weather friends” turned up mostly…

… a part from a definition at the top, add the word poem to the search, and the rough piece of writing I posted slips in at the bottom to the page. Yes, I know, no contest when the poem at the top is so much better, “Fair Weather Friend” by Forrest Phelps-Cook .

Next I decided to do the same with “paper boat”, no chance, all about making paper boats for pages. Throw the word poem in again, not what I expected. Some how third on the page for just a poem written for a bit of fun entertainment. Though at the top of the search, a far better poem, Paper Boatsby Rabindranath Tagore.

Perhaps the above are the reasons the two poems keep ticking over, not sure, there are far better writers out there writing.

So now it’s off to read Sepia Nights, and dream of flying paper kites beneath the inky blue at rest in the night air. Have a good week, all…


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