Never not

Never Ending sat beneath the tree
Underneath the casuarina, staring out to sea
Along a winding broken coastline
New Era came to be, a day so tort, so fine

Next Elapses minutes gather free
Painted within flight, running before to flee
High above wild feet each sign
Natural Ease to pass, a trek of length, of time

Night Essence, tire us here, us never  not.

2 responses to “Never not

  1. I really like that first verse. There is a sense of ease, of tiredness, of a body, resting heavy against the solid earth and tree. A sense of being connected to forever. Intriguing 🙂

    • At first, the above started out in a play with the initials N. E. and then an exploration of aspects to time, and place, making a non entity tangible to an extent. I thought about adding another set of eight lines to relate direction, and ______ (not sure yet), as in North-East, but did not get that far. Thanks, Alarna 🙂

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