Secret fiction identity

Ironpot Mount

Secret fiction identity

He found a friend, they’re someone long faraway,
He, him the stranger from the land of deserts, and sea,
She, her the cool person that loves so much to save lives,
Maybe he thought they could just talk, and laugh for hours..

Because you see, there’s this addiction you know,
An addiction in where his best mates run as tomboys,
The girl who’s most always just like one of the blokes,
The difference is they know where there going.

And true as anything she knows where she’s been,
With all of her stories of encounters she’s lived,
To the worlds roamed, living, and walked,
Her heart will always be there for her kids.

Though the friendship maybe short to live,
Passing fast on a lost high flooding tide,
Oh, did he make the mistake, did he hint revelation,
To feel so lost once more, in fiction’s secret identity.

So he’ll wait for now, wait to see what happens,
Hoping that her job, her career rests all safe,
As a true mate would stand, or step aside if asked,
All for the good of a friend’s non fiction identity.

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