Riam Kellie and Ned Mae (Splintered Lands)


“I got you, Ned!”

“Riam, just let me go. The weight of both the pack, and me will have you tumble off the cliff face too.”

“No way, Ned. We still have the North Divide Splinter to survey, and report. Don’t get me started on our final destination, Swains Splinter, no way am I going there without you. So hang on, I’ve an idea.”

Four months earlier…

“Forester Sargent, Riam Kellie, and Ned Mae.  Please approach the council. As you know, we can not send everyone whom has applied to attend the gathering on the continent of Isles, however we have a different challenge for you, one of most importance. We need you both to conduct surveys, and reports on the splinters, the North & South Divides. What require to know is how much damaged has been caused by the people of the Dark Sea in each of the splinters’ high-country, also intelligence on their raids, frequency, target areas, etc. More is explained in the full brief you will receive at the end to this council. Note though, after completing the surveys to the Divide Splinters, you will proceed to Swains Splinter, and rendezvous with the living ship the Hattie, further instructions will be rendered to you both once on board. Be aware, Swains Splinter is on the fringe to the Dark Sea, so all the best Foresters, and if all prevails, we should see you home in eleven seasons. Here are your briefs.”

2 responses to “Riam Kellie and Ned Mae (Splintered Lands)

    • Thanks, Eric. A bit of a chapter start, but not entirely sure I’m happy with it, might have to inject some bad weather to make it a little harder on the two female characters. Make it the wet season. A place well to the north of here landed 1.2 metres (four feet) of rain yesterday.

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