Speculative economy

Once where rivers flowed through the valleys and plains
Now holes rest with dead water, blue, and opaque
While the dirt beneath our feet, bleeds black
Tainted water not fit for one to drink
But now, forests of giant wind turbines
Crowd the mountains where forests once grew
Tall and strong, with their might to reach for the sky, once alive
And just last month, they cleaved the Sun in two
While this morning, multi-trillion dollar corporations
Their share holders, CEOs, directors
Scramble over one another at the New York Stock Exchange
To buy the now privatised sky of the world
From global governments eager for fast money, to have charge
The planet’s inhabitants, exorbitant fees for
Energy from the Suns, and the wind of the sky
For the governments of the world had privatised
already sold off the molten thermal core of the Earth,
And the oceans with their tidal movements, the rivers, the lakes
Government taxes, Corporate charges by money junkies, seek to
Starve all but the gluttonous rich, of life
Beyond their small protective clusters of dome cities
Banned to all, but the elite economy

Speculative fiction

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