Something to Chance

When opportunity to run with chance comes up alongside, we can never tell where the conversation in the traveling is going to lead, for it’s never about learning, but rather experiencing the essences of life, living, to take hold of it, and journey as far as possible, as far as we can go with it, to run with chance. Innocence is still out there, alive in the places we’ve not seen, the many faces we’ve not read. Innocence glides on the wind, and tumbles from the storms, where the forests, the mountains call between the air’s blue vapour, and across the vast seas of liquid blue. Keep traveling, for to measure is to wait, and a traveler never waits, we just pause to breathe in each good moment as we pass along the wide untethered road, even when we feel a little stationary for but the moment, the present.

Thoughts flowing from within this mild winter in a river’s valley by the sea…

Write away...

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