Decades gone

Not more than twenty-two hours ago
The sky it came scented blue`
While now  a cold June morning
Snap chills the mind to the news
The last goodbye, it was yesterday
Today’s  left in an empty room
Gone lost too dazed, what’s left to quip
The fifth year rolled over like fog
Time spent in between the hollows of trees
Another twelve months went bye to time
Nothing quiet like it, to never look back
To set out there through southern miles
Heading out to the world on your own
Just you, and those along the road of years
A few passers by, in between the songs
Some days they still travel far too long
Leaving the decades behind…

2 responses to “Decades gone

  1. We are travellers. Along the way we gain and lose friendship, as well as others things. The story of life is best told from not just one perspective.

    An insightful piece about how time flies, Sean.

    • Time always flies, but sometimes it slows just enough to breathe. Have been thinking about some one and two decade old friendships of late. Cheers, Uzoma.

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