To perhaps

Life's wandering road.

To perhaps

Have you heard about the living stories that fade,
Fade into legend, never lost to horizons distant,
The tales in a lifetime one writes while about living,
A lifetime hero amongst ones daughters, and sons.

Grandkids picking up, hear the remembering in yarns,
Those passing from each day into the greet to seasons,
Where long Irish walks yield abundant, a harvest different,
As ones trim, bears true beneath the traveller’s night sky.

One shared, a traveller to time’s unspoken challenge,
Brave wayfarer to the slow creep before Winter’s fade,
The last snow, a chilled wind meets the winding road,
In the moments where we wait awhile, listening to stories.

Brothers, and sisters, daughters, and sons, walk, wander,
In each different ways, a life, a Summer’s midnight Sun.

4 responses to “To perhaps

  1. Stories that live on are the ones passed on from one generation to the next. Travellers also help to spread historic moments.

    Glad to read this, Sean.

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