Paper Sails

Late night summer sun, write open upon my paper sails
Where the chromatic colours, hide between the highlights
Carry my lines of words, across the oceans of lost wails

On this solo paper boat, where the masts they quiver cold
While the temporal winds, raise the sea in a deep sepia sky
Here I write word torn adventures, in the hidden corners

First in solitude thin paper skin, with aged tempest blown ink
A tattoo to the fringe, frozen oceans, yield tales these dwindling
Wastelands to vanished leagues, wait, for deep clear the eerie blue

Beneath the weathered pale, beneath the weathered way
My paper boat, with lucid paper sails, carry these ink of words
To where the flowers float, and laughter rollicks all around.

Paper sails, the highlights to lost wails..
Quiver cold, sepia sky in hidden corners..
Blown ink, these dwindling of eerie blue..
Weathered way, of words is all around..

a river basin

7 responses to “Paper Sails

    • Thanks, Joe! The writing thoughts came in part from another poem on here, “A Paper Boat”. The poem has been getting two, or three views from different places around the world for the last year. But I think it has more to do with a poem by Rabindranath Tagore, “Paper Boats” (, for mine is just a little fun tune written while folding a few different paper boats.

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