The walk


Gave them all away, every last secret
To a life pickled by death’s opportunities
The scar tissue from chainsaws, wild dogs, and more
Here now shelter, beneath a low tarp to the weather
Feet dry, but tired to the many thousand miles walked
Where today? Continent, or ocean
Where ever, it’s always a new day
Sometimes a season,
Just all the same, but different
Today, the world’s turned soluble
Merky, marred by left behind secrets
Traveling their courses as they rant veins to the rain
Sort to gather up ones few possessions
a pack slung on a back, waterscape on land the vision
Drop the tarp, too departure has come
In travel a foot beneath the long faced weather
Another hundred miles, or so between rifts
From, to, and where the oceans, and continents collide.

Have been vacant for a while, little writing, little reading, but escaping, the thick humid air to the dry tropics. So unsure on how to catch up on a month of reading, as I know the writing will find its own way. All the best for another year…

10 responses to “The walk

  1. Happy New Year, Sean! It’s great to see another year, graced by the beauty of your poetic words.

    As always, I appreciate the your posts and visits. Looking forward to more of your posts.


    • Same here, Uzo. Much appreciation to share in the words you write, and stories you share.

      Happy New Year, Uzo! And to the stories which will choose to follow. Sean

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