Natimuk and Arapiles

A small venture of personification between a small town, and a mountain, on a “We drink because we’re poets”  prompt.

Natimuk and Arapiles
Legend has not failed me
While weather’s tongue lashes
Cuts my every aging side
The scars from feet, those eager
To use the weapons to the climb
As they clamber upon my shoulders
In pursuit of their own wild born glories
Not even Natimuk can help me
All those whom crowd her ways
To then leave, now invade my space
Here where I listen to the salient winds
Songs of the birds aloft on the wing
Can they not hear my cries in the rain
While the blood washes from my wounds
But then again, fair weather prevails
To Natimuk, her ways crowd once more
Where once again those seeking glory
Tear open old scars, and create new ones
While they chalk their hands and bleed tears
Torn from flesh to weep their inflicted pain
Still I stand to be seen for miles
At home within this land.

7 responses to “Natimuk and Arapiles

    • It’s mountain that kind of stands out, it would be difficult to write it any other way, but not impossible. Kind of stumbled into the painting at the time, and so it grew from there. Cheers…

  1. A very strong personification of the mountain. The words do justice to the object! Beautiful 🙂

    I had to go look up the two places in the poem, so I also got a little geography lesson…

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