Nothing but water, and sky

Had a little play with writing the below after watching a small artistic documentary this afternoon called “Salt” by Murray Fredericks. Not sure if anyone outside of Australia will be able to view it, but go ahead try the link to see if you can. Note, this url’s destination will probably cease to exist in a week or two.

Also last night I had been reading about inverted apparitions at sea,  Fata Morganas, atmospheric occurrences that may of helped in some part, kick off the possibilities for the ghost ships, the Flying Dutchman and the Caleuche. Hence the thought upon apparitions below.

End of day

Lone man, sitting in his tent, waiting for the sun to go down. One man, out all alone, eyes visiting distances out across a dry salt pan. Just a man, biding his time, watching as the storm rises between the arc to the moon and sun. The only man, surrounded in his time, caught in the grip to a blustering salt whiteout. Such a man, captures the desolate, to watch as the rain begins to fall sounds upon the salt coated canvas. A man, with cameras and film, living in the moments of self imposed isolation. This man,  standing on nothing but cloud, and sky, looking out across the vast, and above to his own inverted apparition… Nothing but water, and sky in a once dry day now past.


Write away...

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