Storm to Weight

It was in the wild of the day as it came to stay, a storm one morning so. But then it took a breath to still itself,as it rested for the midday sun. Not for long, but around 2pm, the cracks of thunder rolled, while the wind it picked upon the trees. The papers on my desk they took to flight, as I heard the chimes on the front porch bellow in fright. Slamming doors, and windows, as the rain it tumbled upon the corrugated iron. The music of storm is what followed, as the branches of trees, they creaked, and groaned. Beneath the relentless weight of water, and wind, one marvels at life, while there’s is the wait to end..

16 responses to “Storm to Weight

  1. You captured a powerful storm in its wake, the effect it leaves behind. This could be a possible opener for a short story. It’s captivating, Sean. Well done.

    • I’ve been hooked on weather a little bit lately in story form, Uzoma. A selection of five short stories I’ve been remastering, or is it redrafting, which ever it is, I’ve been pulling the stories completely apart to then introduce new character, and material to the narrative. Thanks Uzo!

    • The storms where playing in the morning, and a cool encore in the afternoon. Weather with words just take hole sometimes when they play. Thanks Olivia!.

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