Shade of the Mindanaos

In the company of wine and strangers,
Beneath the rampant shade of the Mindanaos
It’s like living adrift, a sunset in two places
In the rainbows of light’s last dying fade

Standing on just four lines here, and I don’t think it needs any more, so as the light fades to blue here, just pause to listen for a moment… What can, do you hear?

10 responses to “Shade of the Mindanaos

  1. Your words are as audible as the voices that align themselves with the rustle of a tree as sunlight bids adieu.

    The name Mindanao refers to the third island of my country. So I’ll have to echo Uzoma’s question. šŸ™‚
    Or were you using the word in some other fashion?

    • The time of day I get to write sometimes before the head needs a rest.

      Islands, and rainbow (Eucalyptus) trees, so a mix of fashions, and light character to passing weather, and time.

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