Out Unarrested, out beyond..

Mere swamps of the north

Unarrested beyond

Lay us down, amongst the wild river reeds,
We’ll make our boat here, from the raging forest leaves.
To find a way out, of these wetlands in the north,
Such these solace places, where the stormbirds gather round.
The winds they call us, through the silence to the night,
As they breathe deep, above the shallow cold break at day.
Light in it fills our lungs, as we set out from the bank,
Catching hold the current, as it takes us beneath an ink blue way.
Mighty trees they stand, RiverGums, and the Coolabahs,
Tall, and might foreboding, as they guide us through the fringe.
Deep inside the edge, the swift waters fold beneath,
As our feet they bear, witness to a fresh current’s change.
Breaking free at last, in our living boat, its growing leaves,
Upon our fast decent, like birds we’re airbourne, take to flight.
Up here drifting now, to make the sea by end of day,
Above all the earth born scents, they fill our world as we glide.
For we soar the miles, toward a sun that lost its home,
Far beyond the weight, where ancient marine waters they team with life
When the living leaves, they come to part last  our company,
To set us free this day, far beyond the weathered treks in ancient ways.
Out Unarrested, out beyond..

5 responses to “Out Unarrested, out beyond..

  1. Breaking free at last, in our living boat, its growing leaves, I love this sentence! It makes me think… The living boat, its growing leaves to me mean my life and all that has happened and still is. Growing experiences. 😉

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