Wayward travelers

Paper boats, and paper planes, the wayward travelers we were, bare  feet through the bush, the back streets to our backyards, it’s tangle wild a sprawl, a forest to our young days racing, lost journeys passing through a distant time, longer than the eighteen years, these days in summer rains, Riding paper boats along the street, caught up with the water’s rush, or flying paper planes high upon the rooftops, to watch them find their way, those days as wayward travelers, be drifting dreamers days.


4 responses to “Wayward travelers

    • Sometimes a composite boat came in handy, foil for the outer, and then some greaseproof, followed by what ever paper we could find, news, craft, school pad, a paper boat for a day. Three quarters of an acre, the fences were far enough away, but the dog was ours. Thanks for sharing, Eric.

  1. The mention paper planes and paper boats takes me back in time. In our (my brothers and I) little minds, we momentarily travelled across continents, landing on exotic islands and countryside. Wonderful, Sean.

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