Wild sunshine, blue

A little something about what it’s like to fall through Spring, where the tide of time escapes from within the moments passing out along the days, of being short on time to write, to read.


Wild sunshine, blue

Chase the sun, another sunrise,
You just want to drop on through it today
Where the blue sky feels like liquid
As it rushes fast on down the ride
The air cascading beneath your feet
Sweeter than the miles you left behind
For there’s something about being out there
Far up above with the wild sunshine
Pushing between the roaring winds,
The wild blue sky river streams
At a rush in cloud free morning flight
Beneath departing wings above
Out in the soulful dream fall play
Watching for the rushing green
The many leagues below the wild sunshine
Waiting not for here the moment,
In the seconds, the dry dirt soon to touch
To reach out next, looking up for the first time
Hands out, to grasp the tall grass wild, and free..

8 responses to “Wild sunshine, blue

    • Something I’ve never pursued, falling through the sky. In a way it was about trying to remember perhaps what it was like to experience the outside world for the first time by using experiencing it in a different way. Thanks, Sky..

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