This has been sitting in my drafts section since June, as have the just previous posts today, Land’s end, Born into an ancient land, and Places we see from other months of this year. I seem to have a few pages of posts waiting as drafts I’ve forgotten about, so decided to let a few out today before heading out to breathe in the world, well the little part here… Have a good weekend all!


The many seas so we see,

between the seas of earth,

those seas of fire, the seas of water,

those seas of wind,

we hear the seas of people,

searching for all that dwells,

not within the many answers for a seeker,

touch beyond ancient forests dwindling,

mountains of old eroding unnatural,

still we can wander far,

beyond the river veins of valleys deep,

sadness in love and laughter to the seas.

2 responses to “Seas

  1. Man’s journey through life poses questions at every turn, some of which go unanswered. But that has not stopped him from searching, reaching out, taking pleasure when unknown territories are discovered. ‘Seas’ is an apt title for this poem and its significance is profound.

    • Thanks, Uzoma. So many journeys in each sea, thanks for sharing. I can not remember what triggered writing this one, but I do remember I was contemplating a way to explore the term vast at one point in connection to different journeys, voyages.

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