Land’s end

Started out on a way, when the gate went click,
There you were beside me with swag and pack,
Black curls, a wander’s smile before the break,
Where day farewells a fading travellers night..

Something to be said for company on a winding road,
Alive in the ups and downs between kites and eagles,
To follow our river bends, the curling tidal reaches,
Until the point, the days where evening calls our time..

In the beauty, instances above the weathered cape,
These lands where winds catch a bay’s cast sand,,

In a place where no road treks upon a map,
There ventures the living in a many lands’ end,
Edges of known worlds, once thought inescapable,
But for their churning oceans, and cavorting seas,,

Dreamers lost to the never ending vast,
In wait to hear sounds approaching many,
Storms upon the winds of red earth sails,
Tempests in a rising wild spring sun..

Lost, trapped in a beauty, instances above far weathered capes,
Peninsulars, these lands’, rocky outcrops reaching to their ends ..

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