Falling short in the heat

Falling short in the heat,

Take a look another around,

Nothing left, but for the dry ground,

All that’s left to do,

Is to trek those next few steps,

Where a swamp once gilded,

A wooded fringe, but now,

Caught in heat unbearable

The stumbles, each fall,

Waiting on that last step,

Cuts, abrasion, and broken bones,

These bother none, though for the thirst,

It takes hold, stronger than all,

This bleeding and stumbling,

For the nearest river, winds many leagues away,

Dragging on a way, through this once Spring fed swamp

Gone now, as one last stumble ends such the thirst,

To the day’s fade at nights beginning, to one last light….


Off to the Manhattan Short Film Festival now, have a good weekend all, and cheers from Capricorn…


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