Narrow banks


Something quick Kelly, something just in the moment, for it’s Spring here, and the tides are high, waiting for the approaching blue summer sky.

Originally done live at the prompt on Monday for the Free Write Friday word bank prompt: foliage – amber – wicker – aroma – sweater – cocoa.

I’ve not had a chance yet to check out everyone elses, but don’t let that stop you.. Cheers!

Narrow banks

Narrow banks of the Blackwater River waters
Wake me up from beneath the foliage above
Where the well of leaves they tumble down
Raining about us like first light’s amber dew
Along the green verge at the river’s edge
In a place where our tar coated wicker boat rides
Slow swift through the black tea waters
To our new day’s aroma caught by morning’s first strides
Beneath our wool sweaters our brace to the cold, sip
Fresh, the hot cocoa rests silent wafting from in our hands
Here in a place, beneath the crossing tree limbs..

Narrow banks

3 responses to “Narrow banks

    • What helped, was having been such places. A coastal water course/creek here, with the name Waterpark, where the water is stained by the leaves of trees, and many trees (just beneath the water) that have fallen from the banks over time, a bit of tricky navigation required. But the tree branches reaching out over the water, also makes for a cool day. Thanks Sky..

    • It’s an interesting place, a little eerie at night though, and quiet an isolated the day or night, where open living slab huts/cabins populate the bush as a sparse hand full. Though the story is of two long time friends, perhaps more

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