Cresent in the dunes

It’s been sometime since I’ve done such things,
To travel far out on crackling wake of Spring,
Where family take to the corners of the globe,
While past generations slip beneath the earth..

But time in chance calls a gambler’s ghost,
Set in motion at the fringes to desert snow,
Where the gathering collects their thoughts,
Mapping out across the vast starfields’ sands..

Out here to share with you a mystery on shallows,
Between evening embers a canvas shades follow,
The colour of a way long lost to desert sea winds,
Once where time reaped flavours to a rise in ratios..

Journey east while the dark new moon waits,
For soon her lower cresent will take flight above the dunes..

9 responses to “Cresent in the dunes

      • You’re most welcome Sean! I enjoy reading many of your posts. I liked what you re-blogged yesterday too.

        Sometimes it is the most spontaneous writing which ends up being the most creative πŸ˜‰ Often, I just have to write stuff that pops up in my head instantly too!

        All the best with future posts πŸ™‚

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