To slip beneath the sea

(of technology)

Desolate the time soon to journey pass
In the dark places alive, to one awake
Hand, a crafted ink seeping in thoughts
Filtered across a lite wisp of a screen
Lit in solace of emptiness like a star’s furnace
Deep heel to these reactive dwellers the fiction
As if seeds soaked in water three days long
Might find moons to sow and harvest in light
The billowing storms on a shadowed front
Craving passages beneath each curve motion
In moments to encompass in tidal swelter adrift
In dirt, the earth of lands slip beneath sand, and sea..


(of moments in time)

Sometimes moments can too be
Catch the bellows listening close
Before breathing cool warmth
For yesterday will share its story
Where the road opens to savannah

In a morning’s fast to approaches
Each crest above a waiting trough
In unravelling circles, without a cap
Beating strong deep within each pace

Never stopping long enough to wait
Out on the traveller’s night sky wind

Far above the jet-stream’s breaking clouds
Enticed so high on air’s shallow breath
In voice, to the spoken moments cool tingles
Beneath the apple tree of time in grace

Journeying through vast lands of snow
Where blizzards wake to walk the ice

To wait out the chill, safe harbour in
As I pause before these cold afloat
At first such mountains deep submerged
Beneath the waves, fathom deep oceans

In that moment, a place confined
Tapped of thoughts, of heart for time
Bent to twisted tales
Cast forth upon a current’s ebb
To write it now by hand

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