Storeys upon the river bank

A poem about a walk through contemporary art installation climbing through three floors of a building on the banks of Toonooba, the Fitzroy River.


Tree rising

To walk through the door,
There it grew, three storeys tall
It is reaching right through
All so alive in an artistic view..

Artistic tree

Walking on up the stairs
While hands along the bark
At first beneath the canopy
To climb on up a little more..

Artistic insects

Where the bugs, and the insects
They crawl on past these wide eyes
As the trunk it stretches between
Each floor till a string of frames..

Frames for art

Pictures, photos, afloat in a sea of walls
Hats like caterpillars climbing skyward
There she walks, a girl in coloured stones
Passing quiet between the glass and silent doors..

Photo on glass

Clambering up the tree a little further
Into a world that runs from reef to bush
Birds in flight, wild wattles reaching
For a sky alive with dragons on the wind..

Artistic dragons

Where flying foxes wait for each long night
In a world woven natural from floor to floor
Listening for sounds, Toonooba’s waters
Waiting tidal, its world of reaches just outside..

Reef to bush artistic

Hats climbing the wall

Flying foxes

Reaching up beyond the bush

8 responses to “Storeys upon the river bank

    • I forgot to use a flash, so all the images have been stylised with poster edge, rather than pushing curves, levels, contrast, and brightness.. Thanks Colline.

    • The songs of art. It was/is, later that night there where fun activities for people, kids and families, art, radio plays, and live music out in the street. A fun time had by all

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