To the way South

Sometimes, somewhere along the way while travelling, we’ll change our minds, and make for new directions “To the way South” is one of those. While returning home from “All up on the way”, the following came by chance, opportunity, and thought, to travel some more.


To the way South

Caught upon our faces out along the meander of a Sun’s silent road,
For soon the miles they fade away, the drift a distant evening’s past,
Where soon we greet a circle between chance, and a choice to make,
Home, or do we turn south, for north is too close in passing once again,
That place from where we started, the town just above a broad back circle,
So south it is, as the decision came, to brave, to trek the trail, its wilds,
The car we sold, our packs we grabbed to wander the three thousand miles,
We brave wayfarers of the sandstone highlands, from which the rivers flow,
To set out beneath the rainforest, its canopy set far above our sheltered lives,
A ceiling clad in green, a vast rooftop full of changing, shifting many lives,
Raised above by living warriors, standing tall from fresh earth to reaching sky,
Here born to their many shades, their scars of ages varied, unique, and old,
As we cross the many creeks, soon the day’s tired before the sunlight’s art to set,
A mighty river greets our feet, its rapid causeway crossing at its bar to walk,
To camp, to rest, collapse upon the other side so tired, weary in our nature.
While night, it falls upon our laughter, conversations on the eve before,
Spent wide awake, beneath the spaces of The Ways stories, and its stars,
As we watch them from the river’s edge, reflections to the water’s fringe,
Dreaming voices in the storylines, sounds of tales on passing night’s horizon,

2 responses to “To the way South

  1. I love the images of ‘dreaming voices in the storylines’. Perhaps this journey is taking place on the walk to Patagonia. 🙂

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