Dark merchant’s squall

Dark merchant’s squall

Crack the sea, Shatter the sky

For a dark merchants storm wakes fast

A fright squall in the dead of night

Where wild whipped coast waits

For those whom soon befall her

Right amongst a torn sheeting black silk sky

While calked timbers buckle under foot

Masts seasoned shatter splinters foul

Hear the call rampant to the charge

As pungent her breath the sea

Swallows whole the weak stomachs

Over rails plunged beneath the catastrophic

Charge to all  be a dark merchant’s storm

Till time passes slow so fast and broken

To find in the morning, scattered deep

Far beneath, deserted, left behind

By a dark merchant’s squall…

7 responses to “Dark merchant’s squall

  1. Very powerful. There are many shipwrecks off the coast where I live. I was talking about how they came about with someone yesterday. Your words capture the intensity of wild squalls at sea brilliantly.

    • Have always had an interesting connection with seas, oceans, vast bodies of water, and their weathers. Ships still get wrecked, and run a ground today. The wards came fast like a storm. Thanks..

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