As blue breaks


Stilts between a river and home

Listening to a lone plane pass above

Where the blue breaks through the leaves

Sounds of a Mopok quells the dense air

To a new winter’s day waking

I thought I’d make for the river

Where the houses stand tall in Summer’s floods

For I can remember living there

Sitting at the back door watching the water run

Something about breathing in a house on rushing sea

Waving to boats as they ferry food

These good people for they come and they go

Sharing within our stilted community

All here riding the floods and the tides

Till time comes to clean up once again..

6 responses to “As blue breaks

    • There is, water, a substance that falls from the sky, flows across the earth, and when you live in its path, one needs to prepare, cope, and survive. Remembering helps with it, knowing that waters will rise, and waters will fall, life continues.

    • The photo is of a place where I only live a mile or two from today (Home) here in the Capricorn Coast region. The Fitzroy River (Toonooba – the traditional owners name for the river) and Berserker Range (I don’t know the original name for the Berserkers). I don’t have a lot of photos from around home (where I grew up) as no camera at the time, but there are some on my Flickr a/c.

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