Escape the race


Escape the race

A girl with black hair, a traveller
Dreadlocks all the way to her waist
She’s out to escape now,
To escape from the race
Heading out on her two feet,
To take flight from this place
In a dusk vanishing eve time
A darkness in between
From within a twisted urban space
A bit like her mind at times,
But that’s why she makes her escape
To put far the hard road
Into the miles behind her
For this is the time where she wakes like nightshade
To rise along an eastern limestone face
Made like a beautiful lady
Climbing swift, with a touch of belladonna’s grace
In the darkness of moonlight
Beneath an overhanging crag
Far away in the lands of Nunavut
A distant much loved place
Called home…

12 responses to “Escape the race

  1. Sometimes it’s good to have a place to go in order to escape from the troubles of life. Love this: “Climbing swift with a touch of belladonna grace.
    ” — love the black charm it brings to the poem.

    I remember I’ve not complimented you on your blog’s new look. It’s artistic in a way with great layout.

    • A poem loosely built around waiting in traffic, while watching someone walking home down the street of the inner city from just on dusk, and exploring her escape. Thanks Uzoma, I was looking information at the time on various plants, and it progressed from forward from there in search of bringing the words to life with colour.

      I keep changing my mind about layouts, one day I might strip one down and then rebuild it with some heart and earth. Cheers Uzoma.

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