Sideways, collisions, and finding conversations

Written for Kellie Elmore’s “Free Write Friday”, “Sideways, collisions, and finding conversations ” derives its rough compact written nature from the fictionalisation of different real events in the living world, to stretch the past to fit with the prompt… Happy reads!

The prompt from Kellie this week, came in the form of…

It’s high noon. Sun blazing. You awake in a field and birds are pecking your skin… GO!

Grass blur

Sideways, collisions, and finding conversations

“Enough!” I can barely move, but to flinch to chase the birds from my flesh as the Sun beats down. It’s strange to feel the heat, warmth on my face, while yet I feel so cold, but all I can remember are moments, brief moments which now find me here. It was still dark at the time, though soon the daylight, it must have been close at the time. The instant blindness hit, car headlights in my face flooding the interior at a hundred feet on my side of the road, collision imminent. I close my eyes, and just wrench the steering wheel hard to the left, no sound. I open my eyes as my car slips off the side of the road sideways at sixty-five mph. A front corner of my car digs into the sodden earth of the table drain as a cart wheeling twisting roll takes hold, I close my eyes, and let go. All I can remember as I lie here cold, the Sun’s heat on my face. I close my eyes once more.

“No!” I can feel the pain shooting through my lower legs as small birds’ chirp alarmingly standing on my chest, pecking at me to get up. Well, that’s what it seems, as I see from the corner of my eye a snake winding, edging its way closer and close through the long grass where I lie. The Sun, so hot upon my face as it beats down from directly above. I try to stand, but the pain splits like lightning through my body, and yet all I can remember is running. Running from pursuers in the dark hours of the morning, into this field where now I feel I lie broken beneath the Sun. That’s when it happened in the dark of the morning, collision, sent tumbling through the air as I closed my eyes. All I can remember until waking now, this place. Reality kicks in at the sight of the snake rearing up above the grass to strike. The two small birds take off as the snake launches forward. I try to roll away, closing my eyes once more.

“Hello cousin… Don’t move.” I can feel the light pecking, to see a family of small finches pick the insects from our skin, while we lie here beneath a midday sun. Its blazing warmth upon our bodies nestled here in the towering grass of the field. So much warmth, but all I can remember from the early hours of the morning. Is going skinny-dipping in the waters of the near by creek, and then running through the grass to as close to the mountain as we could possible go before collapsing. To wait, and watch for the moon to loom large on a summer’s eve, as it rises slow above from beneath the mountain silhouette, lighting the field in harvest gold colours. Awake in conversation, we with a hope to catch sunrise, but we drifted off, to only wake now in the company of birds, and a blazing noon sun. Time for us once more to walk back between the grasses, to finding conversations.

10 responses to “Sideways, collisions, and finding conversations

  1. Quite fascinating and descriptive. I like the way it started, the way the narrator recalled of his accident and then ending up in a place under the sun.

    • All about closing and opening eyes, three small, but separate tales exploring how fate, chance, and moments can find one moving in different directions through no fault. Thanks Uzoma..

  2. You put this together so well. It has all the perfect makings of a great story. You grab hold, intrigue, peak curiosity, give us questions then you answer them and leave us completely entertained. Nice work!

    • Cheers Kellie.. I almost passed due to a busy weekend. Might have to leave it a mystery next one, or start with answers, then find the questions. It was all good fun, thank you!

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