Challenges and clotheslines

Standing on the clothesline
What made us go this far
For the first race was disastrous
No one had a chance
A sprint so fast, not a second look
Right there near the end
The line was locked in down
It grasped us by our necks
Lifted up put leveled to the ground

But now we stand here waiting
To run the twisted wire, for
The clothesline’s now the challenge
As we stand here balanced upon the arm
To traverse the twenty metres
Starter’s arms all of waiting in the air
Her arms now drop, we edge out fast
Bare feet upon the slack precarious
The pace it quickens in an instant
Level pegging all the way
You thought you had it covered
As you slowed to make the end
While the balance shifted
So like a wave

We both came crashing to the ground
Flat out on our backs both laughing
So dam hard we forgot the pain
We  helped each other up
For who’d of ever thought
A clothesline could win both times…

8 responses to “Challenges and clotheslines

    • Cheers Lesley… The majority of the above is a loose piece of fiction. The fiction being the race along the wire rope of the clothesline, as I just have fascination with slack-lining, Though in younger days have raced along many a top rail of fences. But some way back, must of been around ten at the time. Lined up with three of my siblings to race the 50 metres (about 60 yards) across the back yard, the clothesline was at the far end. Needless to say, I never checked to see if it was fully horizontal at the time. I gave my younger two brothers and sister a head start, but by the time we neared the other side of the yard we’d all leveled up. They all passed under the clothesline, but in full flight, the wire took me across the neck and laid me flat out on my back. It was some what of an abrupt stop, with a sore throat, and slight laceration. The poem is a little dig at backyard challenges, how they come with risks, and few winners.

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