MEMORY “Vs” INK by Latoya and Me

Started out as a passing conversation on a post, and has since morphed into the above, between shared lines and words, with Latoya.

Ink washed walls

Should your pin run out of ink

Seek out small pieces of chalk on a wayward journey


Pledge allegiance to the clouds

Grip your memory up

And say the words out loud

We are not always promised this liberties end

Say goodnight to justice

And sweet dreams to your pin

Find shared pavements and walls

Grace them with poetic voice

And colors of the temporary moments in changing worlds

To an underworld of unheard and lost verbs

Waging war between ink and brain

The fear is not what’s lost

But what’s replaced between the pains

Ink injections make way between your veins

Let them yell



Pegged pin pen

Have conversations between the earths

But after the ink is gone

It will be my memories transformed this silent birth

Rising energy from beneath this tattered girth

But above all always set them free

The words

The thoughts

The lines

The memory

Will never let go of me

Even when the ink dissipates

And deviates from my pin

Challenging my thoughts to bring forth memory again

 Santa Catalina Island

The lines

The words

Let them be free to discover their atmosphere

Because deadlines won’t wait for the ink..

11 responses to “MEMORY “Vs” INK by Latoya and Me

    • Thanks, the weekend was filled with birthdays. Sorry for missing the comment, I miss place a few this last weekend trying to squeeze some writing in, cheers 🙂

      • You’re welcome! 😀

        No worries…glad to receive this reply, no matter how late it is, appreciated it!

        Have a great day ahead and happy blogging! Cheers~ 😀

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