The winding road to “Wait Awhile” (continues some more)

The winding road to “Wait Awhile” continues, so here is half the post for today. I’ll add the other half tonight, so enjoy

Previously: The winding road to “Wait Awhile” (continued from: The dark birds)

Old house, dirt road

The winding road to “Wait Awhile” (Waves of Air)

That’s when it hit, a more powerful second wave. The house tilts up peeling to the right as it gets caught in a spin, each of us are flung violently in different directions through the room. Charlotte catches Em as she is about to launch like Superman out the window, as Matt and I are thrown against the walls with almost bone crushing force. Soon the spinning begins to slow, but we’re still riding a wave of air. Hard to believe we came for the drive to catch some waves at a secluded beach, but instead still find ourselves house surfing.

“Em, Charlotte, you both okay over there? That was kind of wild, and unexpected, I though for a moment we were going to roll end over end, to finish in a mess. Surprise how this old place is still staying stuck together.”

“Clint, Em’s cut has opened up again, and started bleeding. Do we still have the first aid kit?” Matt, and I rummage around the walls till Matt shouts, “Got it!” We dart, tumbling across the old timber floor to where Em, and Charlotte. “Em, how do you feel about stitches without anything more than some paracetamol for the pain?”

“I thought you would have offered to do that the first time, Clint. Get cracking, I want to get some more house surfing in before we crash, and it all ends in a bad way”

“I would of, but I thought we might of at least of been on our way to a hospital emergency by now, and well the bleeding had stopped.”

“Em, your nuts, you fall through a roof almost killing yourself, now you want to get stitched up so you can get in some more house surfing.”

“Well it’s a thousand times better than couch surfing at your place, Matt!”

“Hey, at least you get a good view of the beach, and the cape from my place, Clint’s is all concrete jungle, and Charlottes is so hard to find, even the GPS gets lost.”

“I can’t help it if I don’t believe in owning or renting, but I love visiting you all. Stitch it up, Clint,” says Em, with a loud laugh.

We are still flying, floating on this wave of air, as every now, and then it pulses making the ten minutes to stitch Em’s leg a precarious event, as she squirms, flinches, yells, and lets out many an expletive that her mother was lucky not to hear. Em even cracks Matt a punch to his chest for trying to make her laugh as the pain cuts through her, and tells Charlotte, she loves getting lost at her place. Eventually we all manage to stand up again, for now we can see the coastline, with all its sand dunes, and yeah, the blue turquoise sea…..

And if you want to start at the beginning of The winding road to “Wait Awhile”…. Previously-a beginning: The rolling hills

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