In the living blue

Falling backwards through the living blue,
staring way back up above the leaves.
Catch my soul between the vast, the tranquil,
I can hear the air as it rushes by.
Beneath waves in a cloud spun sea,
the emerging light storm wakes up my dreams.
As my mind wanders in the places I’ve lived,
falling slow until I sink beneath the earth.
Even though I can still see the sky,
Where the roots be as strong as the branches above.
Reaching out from the foundations deep below,
I reach up to start the climb once again.
For each more branches growing everyday,
maybe I’ll find one day the right one soon.
To share, to take me a little closer to the tranquil blue,
Be here to touch the sky, the sky so far up above
Sitting on a branch, waiting for another one…

7 responses to “In the living blue

    • Yes, leaf and tree confetti… It’s the world I work and breathe in, not just a weekend thought. This past week has seen some swamp forest, Melaleucas, Swamp Bloodwoods, Mahoganies, wild lush grasses, with winding steep sided cut creeks, and open wetlands.

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