Red Kites and Eagles

Red Kites and Eagles

Two stumps here on a Razorback
A ridge-line high above the morning cloud
Falling, cascading across the land
In atmospheric sky born waves alive

We just sit here, above the Razor’s crags
The climb, the journey we did make
To hear the mountain birds, as we perch
Upon these two ancient stumps

Their many feet broad across
As two seats beneath a mountain sky
Lost warriors in the forest’s hard fought victory
Now kin of old to the stone hard ground

Where we set free our Red Kites
Up through the broken space
In the breezeway of the stumps
While the Red Kites, they

Lift and lift upon the climbing air
As soon Eagles arrive to gather
We call to clear our friends, the Red Kites out
To free the Eagles’ sky as we

Sit here on the stumps, these old kin
Be we captives, to the wild grace these pilots in the air
Caught beneath their banks to dive, to climb
Wayfinders on the winds, dancers born to fly

Up here in the mountains, to breathe
To live their lives…

4 responses to “Red Kites and Eagles

    • It is, and the poem can possibly be read two ways too, with Red Kites, being kites we make to fly, or Red Kites, a much smaller bird than Wedge-tail Eagles and is dwarfed by them, which is what I was thinking of at the time, as sometimes I get to see both in flight at different times, working different places. Thanks Christy!

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