Journey to the salt

a river basin

Journey to the salt

Can, may I share with you a story
A tale from sometime ago
Where he walked out of the sandstone highlands
On a long walk to find a far distant coast..

For that’s when he met her
Fifteen miles from the Coral Sea
Here outside the Old Dairy Inn
Waiting for news about her family..

But none did come, for their letter did delay
To share their sadness, they could not make it
In funding a decision to leave their home
Though that’s another story..

Another six months before she heard..
So at the time he now did ask
If her heart and feet might wish to join him
Along on the few miles to see the sea..

For saltwater people they’re her kin
Out a thousand miles beyond the reef
East of the wild sea’s rising sun
Where here their seeds they wash ashore

So walk they did, the time upon their feet
Within conversations light and varied
Laughter, smiles at times a dance
Till they topped the hill, it came to sight..

The vastness of the Blues
As the salt air it caught the breezes
Such a sight to find first time
For her, of home and recollection

Here now to walk the last three miles
Just a short while now till dusk
To find a bed of sand to rest
A sea swept wild in sound..

Where the ocean plays her music
At journey’s end found here in salt
Water vast within companions
Saltwater, together people, before the sea…

5 responses to “Journey to the salt

  1. A brief love story? I love it Sean! Especially the last stanza, ‘Where the ocean plays her music
    At journey’s end found here in salt
    Water vast within companions
    Saltwater, together people, before the sea…’

  2. Defying whatever odds that seemed to stand in their way, this two finally met and walked together. I sense a happy ending here, but I’ll leave it at that and will just go on to say that I find something similar to one of the African traditions lingering here. Quite delightful, if you ask me.

    • Today I wrote the above and another poem, “Red Kites and Eagles”. At the moment I’m on a bit of journey with the term other places, something a digital set of data, maps, and information I use for work, make use of as a way to describe places that once existed with people, but are now just names on a map. So from that, I’m drawn to the nature of movement, to go places, to meet people. Growing up out in the bush here, the sea always felt so faraway, and was a rare place to visit, when many years would pass (kids time), before the senses would fill once more. And I love the strong connections, and sense of family, which peoples of the Pacific have, and here too. Traditions lingering for sure. Thanks Uzoma..

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