The River finds The Sea

A little duet between A Shade of Pen and myself, go check her writing out, Shade comes from one of the most colourful countries in the world.

Zilzie Bay

The River finds The Sea

(by Shade and Bidd)

In the times high above the snowline
where the mountains venture up above
To the valleys deep with their darkest dells
Trust flows fluid as a mountain river
cool, so calm flowing fast

Seeking out the sun’s warmth in valleys
down through the forests of green
Making life in connections
the love of the River to the Sea
All what came to mind

Shade the River, and Hasty the Sea
where love resides in harmony
Within the lines passing by
where life dances in the dappled sunlight
Brave so full in peace, so full of life

A healing comfort in the words
Each wash over me time and time again
Truly the value within trust
Can never be painted in its fullest form
It consumes the soul to make it strong

To grant power huge far beyond
Just like love deep in beautiful words
Warms my heart does wet my eyes
As I am touched by the fierce love
Which your trust in me always evokes

Here set up high in a rock vaulted ceiling
The fire light glows dull above glacial tundra
Shallow within the warmth of earth’s womb
Weather gather in words wrap gentle around us

I am startled by the beauty the moment holds
Speechless yet again as emotions surround me
And all I do is gaze at the ray of perfection

As it bends low across the ancient horizon’s fringe
Where those of old walked out to their futures
In a ride gather in the seasons’ willingness to shelter

Before release, the Shade, caught between the rain..

Slowly a rainbow pops in the sky
And Dazzled by its brilliance, I am lost in the sight
Alternating shades of rain and sun
A beautiful canvas lights up the world
Peace, love, and conversations
Like The River, with The Sea..

9 responses to “The River finds The Sea

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  2. I found a reverent comfort in the unexpected intuition with which I readily discerned her writing, of course from yours. Funny how familiar voices find us when we desperately need them most…

    Quite a fine collaboration, if I might add. Very well done.

    • Voices, some of the best conversations exist out here on these wordpress roads. Sharing in their moments, listening to them in creative expression of all kinds. Yes, familiar voices are good to find when in need, one could imagine having a conversation under a tree of some kind, or sitting up on a mountain, or by a creek/river, or at the fringes to the sea. Just listening and sharing…

      Thanks Brandy, I was a little off in another land while writing this week, glad it worked out. The writing has been a little flat on my part of late, a bit of a Winter slow down. Collaborative writing has made for a good diversion for the season… Thanks again, Brandy Desiree…

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