Rachael Brady ~ in case of falling

A few months back, I helped support a little indie project, “Rachael Brady ~ in case of falling through a local crowd sourcing/funding site called Pozible.com over here in Australia. I’ve been following Rachael’s music since about 2008, so backing her third album project felt good to support. Just a couple of weeks back I’d already received the reward of a digital copy of the of Rachael’s new CD, so imagine my surprise when the hardcopy turned up on Tuesday. Below is the small thank you note sent in return.

Hello Rachael Brady,

I did not expect the physical CD “Rachael Brady ~ in case of falling”… It was a total surprise, I’d just like to share and say,

Sometime here on a Tuesday,
somewhere around dusk.
The call came from near the last step,
You got mail from New South Wales,
Then I replied, it must be something for you again,
I’m not expecting any mail today.
It’s a package came the call again,
I should launch myself on down the stairs.
For a quick hello and a kiss for G,
As she’s not stopping long, then off again.

So I bound right back up the stairs.
to flip the package over,
while stepping on through the door.
When I saw the smiley face,
with Katoomba right up above.
I knew now just here what it was,
as next the empty package,
it hit the floor.

I need to say Rach,
Thank you so much for the tangible!
Thank you so much for the kind words!
And thank you so much to Nigel!
Thank you for sharing,
“Rachael Brady ~ in case of falling”…

Now I sit here in the fading light,
for the day here’s all but gone,
with your music playing loud in song,
So thank you both again once more,
as I listen to “Slow Me Down”
out here on the landing, just
a few miles north of Capricorn,
while the light fades beneath The Divide.
Thank you, love & peace…

Rachael Brady ~ in case of falling

In Case of Falling cover art


4 responses to “Rachael Brady ~ in case of falling

  1. I’m checking her out on Deezer right now. Great music! Thank you for sharing this music. I always love to hear some new music… šŸ˜‰

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