Teardrops and bubbles

It’s been awhile since I done one of Kellie Elmore’s, “Free Write Fridays, the world outside has been a little busy of late. So here is something light to ease back into things. See the first image below, that’s the prompt from Kellie, and to go and see what writers have written for it, just click and go.



Teardrops and bubbles
Born of saltwater and air
Each with emotions
Sometimes I swear
When the world gets too heavy
The times we cry or we laugh
Sinking or floating
Whether down or above
Conversations to listening
to a world steeped in fear
Conversations to listening
to a world steeped in love
Some days the weather is hectic,
On other days so sublime
As we travel our currents
While they’re directed at us
Tides to a waterline portal
In each day do we trust
Our own choices, decisions
Each to form our own worlds
To be teardrops or bubbles
Within gravity’s thin veil
Out here on our oceanfree write friday kellie elmore
Leeward to windward we sail
Some days it’s a struggle
Though we’ll get there in time
For we write our on lives
Like the winds of dawn
This now for sure,
We can weather any storm..

25 responses to “Teardrops and bubbles

  1. I totally agree with the others. You’re in a class of your own, Sean. Someone once said: no one can say you are a failure unless you let yourself believe that.

    • Just keep on keeping on, and when the road takes a turn, who says you have to follow it. I’d share a trek across country with you anytime, Uzoma, to anywhere… Thank you.

  2. It’s marvelous to see you back, Sean. And so is your Free Write Fridays. Been busy at work, I suppose?
    Once again, your words could not fail to bounce off around the worn-out walls of my heart and soul.
    “We can weather any storm, yes. As the world is steeped in love. For we write our own lives
    Like the winds of dawn.”
    Your special poem above has given me another civics lesson on how to live with grace.
    Thank you for this, dear blogger of mine.

    • Thanks, Marj… Yeah, a busy time of late. Also needed to add to, and tidy a few pages up in here. Learned a lot of different ways in letting go, releasing, setting free over time, and to enjoy the conversations. Thank you..

    • It started as something light initially, then it wrapped around a few bends, I did not know how it would express itself until the end. Thanks, Mark!

  3. Each day is a lesson in learning to live in the positive. Seems so many people are having a hard time with it lately. Lovely poem. Glad you were able to post this week. πŸ™‚

    • Positive and negative, sometimes become a bit like where I worked today. A field running for miles in tall grass, drowning in a patchwork of noxious plants throughout places. Navigating, and bushing through, finding our way is not always easy. It seems impossible, until we look at it in a different way sometimes, even when we can not see the other side. Yes, difficult times all around the globe for many people. Thanks, Heidi πŸ™‚

    • If drowning, one might just find a little air to lift πŸ™‚ They both come in many forms, the first thought was that as being a child, and then growing up.

  4. Unfortunately I had some teardrops today, but I think it’s because I’m so very tired… Tomorrow I will look forward to some bubbles to last… πŸ˜‰

  5. Love love love this. Reminds me of the Little Mermaid (the original HCA story, not the silly Disney movie). Yes, bubbles and tears…YES!

  6. “In each day do we trust
    Our own choices, decisions
    Each to form our own worlds
    To be teardrops or bubbles
    Within gravity’s thin veil”

    If only you could possibly– telepathically even– know exactly how this reaches me…

    Completely, my dear. Completely.

    • No telepathic abilities, but they say much can resonate across vast distances, and time to find people. Lyrics that speak without being asked if they can be listened to in a moment.

      Good to hear, Brandy, happy they found you, completely, thank you so much…

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