Sweet times live

Only two poems have been written as part of the Nomadic freedoms live on project, This one was the first, but was lost for a little while.

Sweet times live (Nomadic freedoms live on)

Laying here on the ground,
The trees up above surround,
My empty thoughts take flight,
Listening to the music of friends,

As they sing their songs out loud,
I ponder the freedom of the blues,
Letting go of each note a thought,
Nothing like the liberty of past dreams,

To be taking hold of chances fast,
Each small story free-falls till just,
Inches between the blue and green,
A place where you write, a flooding mind,

Stories caught between future’s past,
Tales of living moments now wide awake,
Take me home, lead me through the rain,
To where the laughter, smiles, and sweet times live…

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