Travellers of the Sun

Madder than the days, where the Sun it disappears.

I’m waiting on the broken earth, here waiting for the broken light.

To carry me far today, to carry me through without fear.

Across the muddy landscapes, through the flooding worlds of tears.


Do you hear the voices echo, can you tell me what they say.

Can it really mean anything, or is it just the world at play.

On another line, a continuum, an event, the trigger to a moment.

Where someone says, ‘Let’s go.. Let’s run, let’s soar a million miles free of torment.


Like sliding across the floor boards, taking flight out through the front door.

As the stairs they fell away, can you hear the birds their calls.

Their world is flying high in the sky, above the broken ground.

To make their way between the broken light, like the travellers of the Sun.


Travelers of the Sun, travellers in slow the  seasons passing.

Do you hear the winds as they carry you, above country all in flight.



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