Snare’s recovery (Splintered Lands Project)


Soon Traralegon, and Snare reach the small earthen dwelling, channeled beneath the roots of an ancient Huon, Snare’s home since being offered part of the forest to care for after serving his apprenticeship to the master foresters south of The Furnace,  A mountain chain of living molten fire and earth, where on the foothills the forests are young, places of learning the forest ways.

Time passes slow the next few weeks as Snare recovers from his injures. Traralegon cares for, and tends after his part of the forest as well as her own, for her skills as a forester, and a forest translator, aid in the recovery to the damaged area of the crash site. Being part plant, Traralegon can communicate with the worlds of the green, living plants, trees, mosses, and all, to encourage them to recover the site, to claim it back as their own. Plus the other foresters also offered, shared, and planted young plants, mosses, and seeds from the parts of the forest they care for to aid in the recovery to the scared land.

There is a change in the air now, for official news has been passing throughout the forest, that a great meeting, a Great Gathering has been called by the elders of the Southern Splintered Lands, a meeting to take place on the land of Isles. Where the six communities of the south have been asked to send representatives of their peoples to meet in one moon’s time in the land of Isles, a place far to the east of Huon. A meeting to consult on what can be done about resolving the expansion of The Dark Sea, and destructive assaults undertaken by it’s inhabitants, the Un-naturals.

Traralegon, and Snare request a local gathering of foresters to ask if they might have permission to attend a meeting of The Great Council of Master Foresters in the coming days, to put forward if they might be able to attend the meeting in the Land of Isles in order to exercise his rights as part of The League of Orphans Collective. For other foresters will need to cover their duties while they are away in the parts of The Huon they care for by request from the council of foresters.

The local meeting goes well, with both granted permission to attend the meeting of The Great Council of Master Foresters. A number of Forest Rangers are brought up from the villages neighbouring in the south to assist in the care of Traralegon, and Snare’s areas of The Huon.

Soon to depart for the meeting of Master Foresters, Traralegon, and Snare gather there supplies, and equipment for the journey, when a whisper floods throughout The Huon, moving fast to find the ears of those whom can hear the voices of the plants and trees of the forest.

“Koice is on the move, traveling from beneath the far south. He is on the move, he is coming…”

A chill of anticipation fills the body, the thoughts of Traralegon…

Previous to the story so far… (See the part relating to Snare’s challenge continues)

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